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Special Synergy Meeting Monday Morning | DDadvocates.com

I have received the following message from the CEO of a provider which is being dramatically impacted by the CLS cuts. If Synergy does not receive money to cover its shortfall as a result of tomorrow’s meeting, this will be a drastic set-back as most providers deal with both Synergy and CLS — Cut upon cut.

DWCCMHA has informed Synergy and other MCPNs that “. . . there is nothing more to give . . .”.  MCPNs will have to reduce expenses (rates) on a permanent basis.  Synergy may loose their contract with CMH as early as next week.  However the DWCCMHA Board will hold a Special Meeting next Monday ….specifically to allow Synergy to present the impact of the major reductions they will have to make if they are allowed to continue as a MCPN.  (Otherwise Synergy members will be assigned to CLN and CLS.)

Additionally — think of the disruption to lives and services if Synergy looses it’s contract!!!!

Please call and or email your county rep as soon as possible on Monday. They must find the money to avoid further cuts to the MCPN’s. How were they going make Synergy whole as a result of the consultant rate review if they now have ‘nothing more to give?”

This is the broken financial PROCESS we have been saying needs to be reformed. If after all this delay Synergy can not be made whole, we need to pull ahead our efforts to lobby for a complete overhaul at CMH.

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