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Call to Action: Synergy Continues to Push for Outrageous Rate Reductions | DDadvocates.com

Synergy continues to push for outrageous reductions to providers and therefore to client services despite warnings from CMH that these reductions are unacceptable. The last proposal we are aware of called for $7.8 million of cuts to be executed over four months.

  • The proposal includes a 20% provider payment reduction ($4.8million) with no provision for corresponding provider cost reductions.
    • Synergy has 700 people in independent settings and 1100 at home. The cuts will impact residential and vocational programs.
    • Many of the providers involved have already absorbed cuts from CLS to the point that any further reduction will seriously impact services to all of their clients.
  • The remaining $3.0 million of cuts include:
    • Direct care wage cuts – How can this be possible? The legislature this year had to mandate a wage increase because they are already so depressed!
    • CMH reserve transfer
    • Administrative cuts and IPS revisions – no detail was given as to the amount of administrative cuts or whether they would be taken at Synergy only, or at Synergy and its partners..

CMH has provided statements that it will put consumers first; but it will not make a statement that whatever happens to Synergy, services detailed in person centered plans will be reimbursed at 100% as they should be.

What is Our Position?

After much soul searching and talking with many of you, I believe we must aggressively lobby the CMH Board Members this weekend for the protection and full funding of necessary services to Synergy clients. FUNDING FOR THESE THREATENED SERVICES MUST BE GIVEN PRIORITY OVER THE CONTINUATION OF SYNERGY AS AN MCPN. The Synergy contract and other administrative costs need to be given second or third place behind proper funding of services.


I am told the current CMH Board is one of the best functioning boards we have seen in recent years. The Board will be studying the Synergy situation on July 1st.

  • Synergy has been actively lobbying the CMH Board through clients and others .
  • The CMH Board is not elected, and to some extent it has been insulated from our prior efforts because their email addresses are generally not published. They do have a board liaison that will pass on messages.
  • In case they haven’t heard both sides of the story, we need to send the CMH board the message that Synergy consumers come first. If it is a choice between funding services for those consumers, or extending the Synergy contract, or other administrative costs, the services must come first!

Let’s Contact the CMH Board

If you know any of the following Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Board Members (copied from the web site) please contact them directly.

Otherwise, you can send messages to the following addresses with the Subject Line “A Message to the Full CMH Board from (your name)”.

Feel free to cut and paste the following message, or personalize it with your story.

“Persons with developmental disabilities have already taken too much of the burden for MCPN budget issues this year. If it is a choice between full funding for authorized services, or the extension of the Synergy contract, we support 100% funding for services.”

Send e mail to:

  • Veda Sharp, Acting Director CMH Agency vsharp@co.wayne.mi.us,
  • Cindy Dingell , Board Chair
  • Tim Killeen, Commission Representative to the Board tkilleen@co.wayne.mi.us
  • Anecia Jones, Board Liaison: njones@co.wayne.mi.us.

Ask them to share the message with their fellow board members.

Board Membership copied from the CMH web site:

Veda Sharp – LMSW, Acting Executive Director
Cindy Dingell – Board Vice-Chairperson
John Barden – Board Member
Gary Burtka – Board Member
Dorothy Doyley – Board Member
David Esper – Board Member
George Gaines – Board Member
Noel Saleh – Board Member
Frank Ross – Board Member
Constance Rowley – Board Member
Laura Cox Tim Killeen – Board Member and County Commissioner
Herbert Smitherman, MD – Board Member

640 Temple
8th Floor
Detroit, MI 48201
Ph: (313) 833-2500
Fx: (313) 833-2156

Thank you for all you do. It is important.!!

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