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Service Delivery Survey for Persons with Developmental Disabilities | DDadvocates.com

Below you will find:
(1) ddAdvocates talking points from the March 18thForum on Funding and Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities – Click Here For Details On That Meeting
(2) An electronic survey which each of you are requested to complete and return. The source of all survey responses will be kept confidential. They will be tabulated and used in our efforts to improve service delivery, reduce cost and meet unmet needs.

ddAdvocates Talking Points:

ONE: Everyone here will support the statement that: “We want the Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Delivery Process for persons with Developmental Disabilities to be the best in the USA”. It will be impossible to be best anywhere without the commitment and dedication of every activity at every level on the organization from the State Department of Community Mental Health through the CMH Board, the Agency, the MCPN’s, providers and contractors down though the clients and their advocatesa.

TWO: Although we are members of the same process, we each have different versions of what it should look like, and how it should act, and what each of our roles should be.

It takes hard work and honesty for improvement to take place and each of us has a role in making the process different and better. Each of us is going to have to pitch in, to give a little, to extend ourselves, to do things we are no longer accustomed to doing. It reminds me of the refrain to an old song:

“Everyone wants to get to Heaven, but no one wants to die!!!!

THREE: It took a group of us over a year to keep a promise that I made here last March. That we would develop a web-site for showing off the best programs Wayne County has to offer, for publishing Newsletters, for broadening our base to include all families with disabilities rather than just those in residential and vocational settings and to drive for change in Lansing, on Temple Avenue, at each of the MCPN’s but most importantly in our own selves. The roll out of the new site will be announced shortly.

FOUR: As a group we have not consistently lobbied for excellence, or spoken with pride about the services our families are receiving. Some legislators don’t have a clue what a developmental disability is, or that our family members are living vital lives in the community, or what their unmet needs are. Similarly very few of us know anything about the Community Mental Health Board; yet these people regularly make decisions impacting our family members.

FIVE: We need to talk less about cost cutting, and more about improving the entire process!

SIX: Detroit Wayne County receives approximately 40% of the annual state wide spending on Community Mental Health or about $570.0 million. About $200 million of that (mostly Medicaid) goes to persons with Developmental Disabilities. According to one State Report for 2007/2008 a total of about 10% of this is spent on Administration by the various organizations providing services in Wayne County.

The reason there are several MCPN’s is so that there will be competition and choice. So we can exercise the right to effect a change in Staff or a PA, or to move to a Provider who seems able to be more active and effective than others, or to switch MCPN’s because there is a significant difference in the reimbursement rates or supports offered between them. We need the right to exercise these choices when they impact our family members.

SEVEN: Although there is a reason that there is an Agency, 3 MCPN’s and a multitude of Providers in the delivery process, that doesn’t demand that there needs to be 4 redundant PR, Accounting, Billing, Quality and HR processes. Nor does it mean that practices between the MCPN’s shouldn’t be common—why can’t there be a common set of rules and regulations, certifications, billing systems, over site systems and so on?.

EIGHT: Since we are all part of the process, we are also all a part of the cost and we have the responsibility and the insight to recognize what is valuable and what is not; what people, processes and systems are effective and which are redundant, and wasteful at each level.. Some of it we will not be able to change. But some we will.

NINE: You can each contribute by reflecting on the service delivery process, and filling in the following survey which asks you to describe what’s good and what needs improvement at each level of the process. It will cost about 15 minutes of your time to participate. We will compile the survey results and post them to the web site.

TEN: A process review requires input from involved people at every level of the organization; that includes each of us. We hope that each of you, the Agency, each of the MCPN’s and each provider will make a good faith effort to encourage employees and clients to participate. If you have already submitted a written survey, those comments will be included in the tabulation. Please feel free to circulate this survey to anyone receiving services, or otherwise involved with the mental health process. All responses will be confidential as to who submitted them.

We will request the panel members of the March 18 Forum to act as a Steering Committee for the review and prioritization of issues.

This is the information gathering phase of the project. Returned surveys will be compiled and results published. Assuming an adequate response, we will request the presenters from the March 18th FORUM to sit on a steering committee for the purpose of prioritizing and driving change.


This is the Correct Forum for:

  • identifying governance issues and process requirements that are ineffective, non-value added, too costly, redundant, or not common. An example would different billing systems, certification requirements and policies due to individual MCPN requirements
  • participants should look at this as an opportunity to make recommendations concerning the entire delivery process from the time money leaves the state till it is spent (or not spent) on service delivery.
  • commending successful programs and processes.


To fill out our survey Electronically Click Here

To respond by US Mail Click Here to download our survey — Print it, fill it out and mail it to: DDAdvocates at 40698 Breckenridge, Plymouth, MI 48170

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