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DDAdvocates Newsletter 20110725 — Medicaid and the Debt Talks | DDadvocates.com

 You will find below a link to a posting from Marianne Huff, Executive director of the Allegan County Community Mental Health Board. It is an open letter to her employees and is important reading for every one of us who advocate for persons with Developmental Disabilities.

 It is still not too late to contact your US Senators and Representative and tell them your story and why it is important that planned cuts to Medicaid be stopped. Several sources including the New York Times and the Michigan ARC   have all warned that the current Republican strategy will gut Medicaid which is the lifeline for supports for persons with Developmental Disabilities.

 I listen and read a lot of commentary and the only politician I have heard acknowledge that cutting funding to Medicaid will cut funding for persons with Developmental Disabilities is President Obama. The rest of them prefer using code words like “entitlements”. They prefer to infer that some how cutting services will improve quality, or that cutting entitlements will impact the under-motivated and leave the more deserving intact. This is hog wash.

 I’d also like to point out that near 100% of the Medicaid spend stays in the local community and definitely creates jobs – more so than even the most optimistic estimates of how many jobs might be created by the extension of the Bush tax cuts to the super wealthy. Certainly none of the Medicaid dollars are being invested off shore!!

 Please read Marianne’s document and follow the links to the National Council home page for an automated message delivery option concerning the importance of Medicaid. http://ddadvocates.com/2011/07/25/please-read%E2%80%94concerning-imminent-threat-to-medicaid/

 Thanks; and keep telling your stories

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