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DDAdvocates Newsletter 20110815—Dual Eligible Questions Unanswered–Community Meetings Extended  | DDadvocates.com
The State has volunteered to be a test state for subjecting persons with developmental disabilities and everyone else who is on both Medicare and Medicaid to managed care; apparently under Medicaid rules and the administration of a private insurer (probably Blue Cross). To enrich the pot and because our children’s and client’s home care, residential, vocational and community supports are funded through Medicaid these programs are also potentially subject to this new level of management — replacing potentially existing social workers, and providers in addition to becoming the medical administrator / decision maker. The scary thing is that in previous community meetings, the presenters have had little information and fewer answers. 
This will impact anyone with Developmental Disabilities who is currently on Medicare and Medicaid and anyone whose parents in the future will qualify for Medicare. So this issue will eventually impact every one of us!!

Due to feedback from advocates, the state has added two additional meetings for stakeholders regarding the “dual eligible” proposal for integrated care. They are Aug 24th in Lansing and Aug 29th in Detroit. If you were unable to attend the previous ones, SIGN UP IMMEDIATELY. Go to https://janus.pscinc.com/dualeligibles/ or call Dawn Wade (517) 4844954 to register. It is critical that you attend and ask questions concerning aspects of the plan you do not understand, or cannot reconcile with your needs. To the extent that you have unmet needs, that should also be expressed as the purpose is to obtain stakeholder input concerning needs. If your needs are currently being served and you fear they will not continue, or will be diminished, that is also a valid statement to express.
If you are a client or a family member or a provider, you must attend this meeting and express your concerns.  
  • about the ability of any administrator to find staff with the capability to manage care for medically involved persons with developmental disabilities 
  • about the fact that the administrator will may not be subjected to any local control — no local Community Mental Health Board involvement and therefore no local control
  • about the fact that there is no family or client representation on the governing board — or that other protections of the Michigan Mental Health Code have not been mentioned
  • about the fact that the administrator will develop its own provider network for local services so the move will be to more state-wide providers and corporations versus the local provider system in place today.
  • the list goes on and it is larger than it need be because there are no answers about this program that will be launched next year!!!
Go get registered today!!!
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