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DDAdvocates Newsletter 20120126 Dual Eligible Integration –Legislative Call | DDadvocates.com

The attached document:“ DDAdvocates Analysis of Michigan Dual Eligible Initiative“   asis vs willbe 20120125 describes the presently known or anticipated impact of the Dual Eligible Integration of persons with Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness and Others receiving services from Community Mental Health Organizations. It describes

  • Eligibility (everyone will be impacted on the day their parents reach the age of 65)
  • Continuity of  Care
  • Medical Concerns
  • Quality and Safety
  • Choice
  • Local Control
  • Funding Inequity and Risk
  • Concerns Over the Process for Program Development



  • Review the document this week and determine the issues most important to you as a client, family member, service provider or other advocate
  • Personalize your message and contact your State Legislators and the Governor this week http://www.michigan.gov/som/0,1607,7-192-29701_29704—,00.htmland ask them to pass your concerns on to the Michigan Department of Community Health.
  • The final plan will be circulated in the state in early March and submitted to the federal government at the beginning of April.

This is the time to speak up

This is a program which the Michigan Department of Community Health VOLUNTEERED to develop. It is not compulsory that Michigan participate. It promises to put our most vulnerable citizens through a major transition, threatens basic protections of existing programs and is being rushed to implementation. Because it is a pilot, it may be launched here and then modified by the federal government based on results in the 14 other states, or modified further based on what happens with universal health care.

As indicated below, the Michigan Department of Community Health has asked for input. Please give it to them

The goal of the Michigan Department of Community Health is to design an integrated care model that will simplify coverage for dually eligible beneficiaries while also increasing coordination among care providers. The MDCH views stakeholder input as crucial to the design of a model that will work in Michigan and is committed to the process outlined above to ensure that its plan reflects the needs and desires of those who are likely to be directly affected./janus.pscinc.com/dualeligibles

With our last Newsletter we provided an analysis which some of you could not access. It is now available on our web site at this link asis vs willbe 20120125

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