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DDAdvocates December 2012 Newsletter An Early Christmas Gift. | DDadvocates.com

Who would believe that a freshman Democratic State Representative ( Phil Cavanagh) from Redford Township and a Republican State Senator (Bruce Caswell) from Hillsdale would sponsor and navigate for passage the most important piece of legislation of the year – maybe the decade for persons with Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness in Wayne County? This is proof for us doubters that even in this era of bitter partisan politics people of character and goodwill can get things done and provide appropriate programming for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities.
The legislation referred to as Senate Bill 1196 establishes the existing Detroit-Wayne Community Mental Health Agency as an Authority independent of the control and unfortunate political pandering so endemic in the county. We have been given this gift with little effort on the part of most of us; it is up to us to participate in its implementation and to assure that it becomes a nationwide example known for its integrity, effectiveness, efficiency and compassion!
I know time and attention spans are short this time of year. But please take a moment to add two persons and their staffs to your Christmas Card list. Use the card to say “Thanks for having the integrity and character to get Senate Bill 1196 passed this year!”
Representative Phil Cavanagh                                               Senator Bruce Caswell
PO Box 30014                                                                                PO Box 30036
Lansing, Mi 48909-7514                                                           Lansing, Mi 48909-7536
For your information, following are the Wayne County supporters and opponents of the legislation. Be sure to thank the supporters and to ask the opponents what they were thinking when they voted NO!!! It is important that both sides hear that we care—a lot.

Wayne County Representatives who Voted for:
Cavanagh, Constan, Durhal,  Howze,  Jackson,  Nathan
Santana, Slavens, Stallworth, Stapleton, Talabi,
Somerville,  Walsh.

Wayne County Representatives who Voted against:
Bledsoe,  Clemente, Darany,  Geiss,  Kandrevas,
LeBlanc,  Tlaib.

Wayne County Senators all voted against:
Young II,  Johnson, Hood III,  Smith,  Hunter,
Anderson, Colbeck, Hopgood.

The following did not vote:
Olumba,  Womack.

Rest up; we have a lot to do next year!!!

Finally, from our family to each of you and yours, Best Wishes for a Blessed Christmas..

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