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DDAdvocates is a grass roots organization which has earned the respect of our elected officials in Wayne County and in Lansing. We rely on clear messages coming from many diverse voices to create the change we need. DDAdvocates.com was created as a means to unite those voices in an effort to affect real changes for individuals with Developmental Disabilities living in Wayne County, Michigan.

We began with a distribution list of about 60 people, since then we have been at least partially instrumental in:

  • keeping pressure on the system to minimize the CLS cuts
  • bringing attention to Developmental Disability funding issues in Wayne County — at the county and state level
  • supporting a review of DD funding requested by Rep Cushingberry, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee
  • minimizing the impact of Synergy funding issues on its clients

Ahead of us are

  • the looming funding cuts resulting from the Governor’s Executive Order
  • pushing for streamlining of the entire process
  • ongoing vigilance

You can find out more about us by checking out Ed’s Blog.  Also, please check have a look at our Upcoming Features section for more on the epansion of DDAdvocates.

Thanks for your support.