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What to do Next?

Posted By: Ed Diegel on May 27, 2009

How to Respond?
Since the last Newsletter we’ve had discussion about how to best respond to the County Document entitled “Fact or Fiction.”

Should we publish a point by point rebuttal to the document (we actually do have such a document prepared and ready to go).
Should we try to avoid yet another rebuttal from the county and [...]

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Information from CMH and CLS

Posted By: Ed Diegel on May 20, 2009

In Tuesday evening’s mail I had messages from both CMH and CLS clarifying facts and positions on issues we’ve raised in DDAdvocates Newsletters. I am attaching those documents to this newsletter in the event you did not receive or see the mail. Archive Note: CMH and CLS Documents are located in the BLOG Category “Responses [...]

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Our last newsletter asked that we not forget all those who are experiencing  service cuts, that we continue to advocate not only for family members and friends, but for all the developmentally disabled in Wayne County, and that we push to get the 2008/2009 Budget Year reductions reversed before the next budget year starts in [...]

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More Good News and More Work to DO!!

Posted By: Ed Diegel on Apr 23, 2009

Our combined efforts may have positively influenced the following developments that occurred last week

CLS announced on Friday that  it’s efforts have resulted in a further reversal of the Residential Funding reductions from 8.5% (originally 12.5%) to 4%

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The Good News

Some of our efforts are beginning to pay off as we’ve had feedback that County Comissioners and persons on the CMH Board have begun to recognize our efforts; also State Legislators have been hearing from more constituents. This is the time to really re-inforce how you feel with your elected officials and to [...]

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Thursday Morning April 2, Synergy announced that without significant infusion of funds from CMH by May 23, it would be forced to administer severe cuts to its payments to Providers. Synergy is the 2nd of 3 MCPN’s (Mega-Providers) providing services to persons with Developmental Disabilities in Wayne County to claim it is severely under funded [...]

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Lobby Kit

Posted By: Ed Diegel on Mar 25, 2009

This document contains contacts for the Wayne County Board, the State House and Senate, the Michigan Department of Human Services and Detroit-Wayne County Mental Health board.
As a minimum please contact your elected representatives on the County Board and in Lansing.

Most effective contact is person to person. You can make an appointment (or deliver a message) [...]

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Reported by: Ed Diegel (ddadvocates@gmail.com). Capitalized text represents my personal comment.

Forum Invitees were
· Veda Sharp, Acting Executive Director, Detroit-Wayne County Mental Health Agency
· James Dehem, CEO and President, Community Living Services
· Providers and Provider Employees
· Advocates for the 2800 persons served by CLS in Wayne County

In Attendance

Veda Sharp declined to attend and [...]

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This is the first newsletter post to DDAdvocates.com –nearly 100 people including provider staff and management and community advocates. Attachments to this message include:

Minutes from the March 19 Open Forum on CLS Cuts Archive Note: See Newsletter #1.2 Minutes for the March 19 Meeting for this document.
A lobby kit for creating political pressure to restore funding

For [...]

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