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Continuing Improvement

Not up yet.

The tab page will display the Service Delivery  Organization Chart with State, CMH and MCPN and Provider Activities  identified. There will be a “Fact Page” for each organization which they will be able to input.

We will accept comments against each “Fact Page”; these can be positive feedback,  observations of things gone wrong or recommendations for quality or cost improvement. We will allow ‘named’ comments, or pseudonyms, but will require e-mail addresses  for verification.

Anyone who visits the page will have access to logging comments……….

We will use the blog comments to push for continuing improvement within the County — hopefully through the work of a formal Process Improvement Committee with representation from State, County, MCPN,  and Provider Organizations, Families, Clients and other advocates. We will use the Facts Page and related blog comments as the foundation of this work.