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DDadvocates.com |  Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features

Because of the intense need to communicate promptly and effectively concerning the funding cuts in place and those still to come from the state, we’ve elected to launch this site progressively.

Our long term goal is to become the site of choice for anyone concerned with the life, health and safety of persons with Developmental Disabilities in Wayne County. Future features at DDAdvocates will include:

  • Community Calendar–including meeting dates and agendas, fund raising events and fun activities.
  • Open Forum — Q’s and A’s from the DD Neighborhood — pre school through geriatric and end of life
  • Cool Stuff — recognition for exceptional Programs, Products, Projects and People.
  • Health Care — availability of service–and implications of National Plans

So far we’ve launched the first phase of development which includes Ed’s blogs along with a small “lobby kit”  and a process overview. These tools will  help get us started as we lobby for change. If you can help with or have a strong interest in any of these topics, we’d welcome your participation.

Your feedback is critical –please leave suggestions on the Contact Us Page.

Thanks for all you do!!!